Ecig Online Shop

Finding a ecig online shop is not hard to do.  You can pretty much find a online shop that sales e cigarettes these days all over the place.  It is just a matter of you going to your search engine and entering keywords like “ecig online shop”.

Then you should see in your search result a number of vendors all trying to sell you an electronic cigarette.  Don’t worry we will help you identify some of the top places that sell good affordable refillable ecigs.

Today, we will start with our first recommendation.  Check out Pro Smoke.  They make their e cig starter kits in the United States.  The company is based in the windy state of Illionios so it is perfect for those looking to buy ecigs made in the United States.


The products are all highly reviewed and rated so you get a god reliable product that you can buy from their online shop.

Refillable E Cigs Drip Method

How to Refill your ecig by using the Drip Method.

The Drip Method is a very simple way of refilling your electronic cigarette. In order to do it you need to open up your cartridge and remove the filler made of polyester. Take your dropper and drip a few drops down into the cartridge and gently place the filling back in there. Wait for the liquid to soak up and then add a few more drops to the top. You want the cartridge to be saturated but not to the point where the liquid accumulates, Feel free to push and pull the filling a bit to make sure it’s all completely saturated. After that, simply close the cartridge and you’re ready.

This method is easy but it does require patience since you do need to wait for the e liquid to be soaked up by the filling.